ZCast Software

A modular digital media management system, developed to reconcile two traditionally incompatible sets of requirements:


  • Mission-critical uptime and security

  • Fully customizable UI, workflow architecture, and compatibility with third-party products and services. 


Key Features

  • Mission critical uptime, with proof of performance and detailed logs

  • Granular permissions & workflow approval

  • Full device management & advance scheduling

  • Flexible hardware options from built-in monitor to matrix wall of 128 displays

  • Broadcast quality data visualization.

  • All types of streaming including multicast streaming. 

  • Synchronized Video Playback with one player or multi-Player. 

  • Fully portable with browser-based workflow including extensive (layout & sequencing tools)

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ZAct Software

ZAct takes the ZCast modular digital media management system and adds interactive features:


  • Touch Screen Kiosks and Wayfinding Applications

  • Camera and Sensor Integration

Video Wall Matrix

  • Multiple displays tiled together

  • Powered by a media player capable of splitting a single image into parts on individual screens forming one large display

Control Room Data Wall

  • A matrix of displays providing critical content

  • Providing true situational awareness and a common operating picture  where information from real-time sources may be simultaneously shown and shared


Key Features

  • Wayfinding feature

  • Touch Interaction

  • Camera Integration



  • Touchscreen kiosks guide residents and tourists to local amenities, including businesses, museums, attractions, and local events.

  • Can display advertisements during idle periods.

Touch Interaction

  • Interactive directories in corporate lobbies, malls, and point-of-purchase displays as a means of distributing relevant information & enhancing user experiences.

Camera Integration

  • Facial Recognition can tailor displayed content to the user's gender & age range. 

  • Can be used by applications for interactive motion-capture & "selfie" digital postcards, for example.