Steven’s Institute of Technology

SIT asked Zignage to reengineer their digital signage deployment, make it more robust and scalable while requiring less human intervention to manage. Zignage is providing a campus wide deployment and is integrating with existing tools and processes at Stevens to reduce the management overhead typically found in digital signage CMS.


Illuminarium is an attraction that allows you to experience cinematic immersion like never before. Zignage was invited by Legends to enable the complex workflows in the ticketing and concession areas of the venue. Zignage created a customized workflow and tiered automation to drive a number of video walls, outdoor full facade LED, lighting control system and […]

MLB Flagship Store

The 1271 Avenue of Americas location for the MLB flagship store opened in 2020, and Zignage was tasked with creating a completely API driven templated solution with an ability for the store operators to inject advertising in an easy way. The Solution employs a fascia LED that Zignage composites on the fly as well as another […]


A premier advisory and accounting firm headquartered in NYC. Project included a spectacular office lobby LED video wall with dynamic data fed widgets.and a number of accompanying message boards used for corporate signage.

Nuance Communication

Nuance Communications, Inc. is an American multinational computer software technology corporation, headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, that markets speech recognition and artificial intelligence software. Zignage was invited to provide Nuance with a CMS and rendering appliance to drive an office lobby spectacular video wall with dynamic data fed widgets. Since the original deployment Zignage has been asked to extend […]

Kean University

The Visualization and Immersive Studio at the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons is home to Kean University’s new Visualization and Immersive Studio for Education and Research. VISER offers a 270-degree immersive experience to users. It provides innumerable opportunities for innovative and hybrid learning to the Kean Community. It is an incredible resource that allows faculty to […]

The Paramount Building

The Paramount Building at 1501 Broadway is a premier property in the heart of Times Square and home to the Hard Rock Cafe. Zignage was invited to value-engineer and automate content going to 12 outdoor LED video walls. Zignage provided a fully template driven workflow with synchronized playback for merchandising (advertising for customers of building) employing […]

TransPerfect Translations

TransPerfect Translations is a translation and language services company based in New York City. The company serves clients in many fields, such as film, gaming, law, and healthcare.  TransPerfect is “the largest privately owned language services provider, with offices in over 100 cities worldwide. Project included a spectacular office lobby LED video wall with dynamic […]

Centene Center

The Centene Community center is a sports and music venue complex in St Louis Missouri. Zignage was invited to solve a complex very high resolution spectacular LED used for sporting events as well as music performances. Zignage provided a solution that mixes dynamic data, smart list campaigning and a number of different streaming method ingestion […]

ZCast Software

All Zignage solutions are built on a powerful framework, a set of expertly honed APIs, and flexible player strategy that transforms customization into relatively inexpensive configuration.

Our framework is built as a modular digital media management system, designed to reconcile two traditionally incompatible sets of requirements: mission-critical uptime with security, and a fully configurable UI. 

Our APIs target the most important points of extensibility: a REST based middleware that let us assemble new UI/UX quickly and efficiently, a powerful widget API that is built on open standards and capable of ingesting real time data and visualize it. Lastly, our player API gives us the ability to mix and match our own powerful set of players with those provided by our partners.

Our rack based players are capable of doing massive canvas resolutions, synchronized playback, multicast ingestion, and most of all the ability to render data fed and interactive generative content built on HTML5 and WebGL. 

Our hardware partners, are the best in the business they including LG and their versatile webOS platform, Brightsign with their incredible reach and support, and Mersive which gives you not only state of the art wireless collaboration platform but a capable signage player as well.


Our next generation AI driven content automation system zCAS, is built to enable partially or completely automated signage installations and networks.

zCAS takes human factors out of programmatic scheduling, and content management generally, enabling astounding speed of execution, fault tolerance, and can reduce operational complexity from a large team to a single operator or none at all.


Zignage offers zCore for OEM customers that need the maximum flexibility in deployment scaling and extensive customizability. zCore goes substantially beyond traditional digital signage and addresses wider media management needs and is completely vertical agnostic.

zCore is offered as platform-as-a-service (PaaS), which offers immense capability to fit a great variety use-cases at an order of magnitude lower cost than equivalent SaaS offerings.

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